Stylight Awards: Wir haben endlich den Preis für unser Lebenswerk bekommen

Es wurde ja auch höchste Zeit: in der vergangenen Woche haben wir den Preis für unser Lebenswerk bekommen.

Wir sind ja nun auch – man sieht es kaum – über dreißig. Lang hätten wir nicht mehr gewartet, daher kam es uns überaus GELEGEN, dass wir in der vergangenen Woche bei den Stylight Awards zur Berliner Fashion Week mit dem Preis fürs Lebenswerk ausgezeichnet wurden, dem LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.

Unser Freund, der GQ-Autor und dort auch Mitglied der Chefredaktion, David Baum hielt eine flammende, wie zu erwarten viel zu lange Laudatio auf uns, über die wir uns sehr gefreut haben. Wir DRUCKEN sie hier daher in voller Länge.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Even today, I distinctly remember the first time I met these two extraordinary gentlemen. As part of a portrait series I was researching male fashion bloggers, when I visited them in their apartment in Kreuzberg where Dandy Diary had been made. And I was all in wonder when they introduced themselves: David was wearing an orthodox Rabbi hat and a wraparound skirt, Jakob a bomber jacket and a baseball cap with zebra stripes. So I recognized, this can`t only style, this must be concept. Everything was furnished rather rudimentarily, but there was a kind of treehouse installation and I also seem to remember a disconcertingly large penis sculpture. I was impressed – not by the sculpture – but by the diverse projects which determined the appearance of the blog project even back then. And of course also by their personalities that defined these. They both declared their radicalism, which they doubtlessly embraced, to be at the centre of their creative work. At the time they told me: “Radicalism on the one hand, by stating our opinion mercilessly. But also with our own projects. This is our contemporary understanding of dandyism – the day-to-day and completely free-spirited approach to fashion.” Of course, I had to smile to myself when I was informed that one can get a Lifetime Achievement Award for something which had been lasting only five years. But the more I think about it, their body of work would have been large enough to deserve it even at the point of our first meet-up. So much life is incorporated into these years. Just think of the wonderful video clips in the style of 90s boygroups, or of the porn film running backwards which they filmed with a backpacker couple and which began with the orgasm – reducing the moment of permanent sexualisation in fashion to the act itself in a very artistic way. It seems a little paradox today that their most quiet and poetic work has been banned from public availability. When my article about Dandy Diary was released, I was criticised. Helmut Thoma, the Grand Seigneur of German commercial television – the more mature among us will still remember “television” – scolded me for praising digital phenomena such as Dandy Diary as this would weaken traditional media in terms of their content and their economic strength. “You seem like the Aztecs happily waving to the Spanish conquerors as they sail away with the Aztec gold”, said Thoma. I see that differently. I think journalists should praise journalism, whatever the form, whatever the medium, as long as it reaches people and enlightens them. And yes, Carl Jakob Haupt and Kurt David Roth, the both of you, are journalists in a new and best sense. This might not be born in mind enough in the midst of the massive crowds at your parties, your ne vegan diners and your colourful self-stagings. And because you are investigative you have given some companies the shivers, not only with your cutting fashion reviews but also by openly denouncing dubious manufacturing processes. It’s no wonder the last hippie Rainer Langhans told me how he discovered for himself at one of your parties that bloggers and social media are putting into practice his original concept of “free love”. And this shows what magic unfolds even there. Of course you also cooperate with brands and fashion labels –  that is a key element of the blogging world. And just this shows your inner freedom, because you have never subjugated to this. A producer of traditional “Trachten” costume in Munich still grimaces when he is reminded of the “Lederhosen” you decorated with tribals. What matters is that you were never monopolized by brands. Your own brand is too strong for that to happen. Just as I am overrunning my speaking time, one can see how manifold your creative work is. It combines online journalism with artistic activism and sarcastic humor and neverending fun. And yet, all that would be nothing without the two wonderful people I am happy to call friends. And so I hand over the prize for the Lifetime Achievement Blogger to you – dear David and you dear Jakob … but I entreat you to delight in it briefly and to put it in a cupboard – if you have one by now. And then please continue straight away with being what you are. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say: Stay radical!

David Baum, GQ

Danke an David und natürlich auch an die GROSSE Stylight-Jury. Es war wirklich die schönste Preisverleihung, die wir uns hätten wünschen können. Wir haben noch immer eine Gänsehaut vor Stolz und Erregung.

Danke auch an alle samt und sonders wunderschön ausgesehen habenden Gäste der Award-Gala: unsere Chickens, unsere liebsten und engsten Freunde, unser Dandy Diary-Team, unsere Mitarbeiter vom Dandy Diner, die anderen Blogger (die natürlich alle NICHT den Lifetime Achievement Award gewonnen haben), die Promi-Luder, den Aufreisser aus der Schweiz, diese eine Schauspielerin aus Hollywood und Aki von Stylight, die uns mit enormem Langmut betreut hat. Es war alles so schön und nur aus männlichem Stolz sind uns nicht die Tränen geflossen.

Peace out. Mic Drop!




























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