Stilhelden: Alan


Fotos: Mikhail Wassmer

Who the fuck are you?

I am a 26 year old graphic designer living in Kreuzberg since October 2008. I’m from Vancouver, Canada (originally Toronto).

In which of your outfits you would like to get buried?

Do I understand this means what clothes would I want to be buried in when I die? I actually never thought about it. I’ve had discussions about death and hoped that I could be taxidermied and used as a prop in front of a fake computer at an IKEA, but I never considered the clothing. In that case I would probably choose a pair of bright orange nylon cargo pants from GAP circa 1998, and one of the vintage american-eagle shirts from the new Weekday store in Berlin. Topping it off with a pair of crocs or Havaiana flip flops they could seat me in front of a birch laminate Flärke computer desk in some sort of display/showcase geared towards young university students.

What is your favourite piece of your warderobe?

It’s really hard to say but I’d have to say it is a battle between a black toque I found that is semi-permanently planted on my head or an old, soft, teal sweater I rarely wear anymore, found in a second hand shop in Vancouver for $2. It has a wonderful faded gaudy memphis pattern and particularly spoke to me when I noticed the tag on the inside months later: “Pasué: Young Attitude For Nice Guys”.

Are there people you want to shoot because of their bad style. If so, whom? And why?

Wow… I have to say that in the majority of cases, one’s style is reasonably reflective of someone’s personality. A loud obnoxious style might sometimes mean a loud obnoxious person underneath. For example, a Herculean man draped in Ed Hardy and revving the engine to his 500cc CAN-AM Renegade 4-wheeler, or alternatively someone so pristinely manicured and assembled that there is an impression of disguise or deceit. Of course throughout the spectrum I just think that the important thing is the ability for one’s style to be comfortable and naturally reflective of the personality, and I think I get along best with easy-going, comfortable people that don’t take things too seriously.

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