Pas Normal Studios

WOOD WOOD Macher Karl-Oskar Olsen und ein paar seiner Freunde haben mit Pas Normal Studios ein Label für sportlich wie modisch ambitionierte Radler gegründet. Denn, so Olsen:

“We decided to start from scratch and define what type of cycling clothing we felt was missing in the vast choice there is on the market today. We wanted to produce uncompromised performance wear that also kept a very clear fashion element as its most defining feature. We felt that on the market today, you often had to pick one or the other. We are very conscious about the traditions in cycling, but we are not a retro based brand and all our styles are visibly inspired by the colors and patterns of today”.

Falls wir jemals auf die wahnsinnige Idee kommen sollten auf ein Rad zu steigen, dann selbstverständlich von Kopf bis Fuß in Pas Normal Studios gehüllt.


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