Lesetipp: “What a mediocre Berlin Fashion Week “

Im Gegensatz zu uns und dem Gros der deutschen Presse ist das von uns hoch geschätzte Sleek Magazine zu einem negativen Gesamturteil der Berliner Fashion Week gekommen. In dem Artikel “What a mediocre Berlin Fashion Week – save Kostas Murkudis” steht geschrieben, warum das so ist.

“While the German press has made out a positive, even enthusiastic response to Berlin Fashion Week’s show schedule, the international press delivers a more candid picture: by not reporting on Berlin Fashion Week at all. Yes, there were some highlights. But there was also a lot of bullshit that would never have made and will never make it onto a runway in a city like Paris, London and New York.”

Und weiter heißt es:

“We see local designers who seem to incorporate a Berlin influence into their design; constrasting fabrics, bold shapes, unfinished hemlines seem to reflect the abundance of space, brash appearance and constant state of flux characterising this city, and conceptual depth appeals to an art-savvy and intellectually demanding audience. Among them Perret Schaad, Vladimir Karaleev, Michael Sontag, and this season’s newcomer Don’t Shoot The Messengers stand out. But we fear they are not challenged enough here to reach full bloom; with each new collection they only confirm the status quo reached with their first show (often a much lauded graduate collection) instead of demonstrating a gradual refinement of their talent.”

Nur einen, und zwar Kostas Murkudis, fand das Sleek Magazine so richtig scharf:

“Interestingly enough, the only event we consider worthy of our dream vision of a Berlin fashion week (apart from the above-mentioned Dutch designer) was demonstrated by a designer who once said showing in Berlin was just not worth it: Kostas Murkudis.”

Den gesamten Artikel kann man online lesen.

Bild: sleek-mag.com

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt