Lesetipp: We Are All Guilty for This Mess

Unsere Lieblingsjournalistin, Suzy Menkes, hat ein paar Gedanken zum illustren Wechsel der Designer in der Modebranche formuliert.

Auf der Homepage der New York Times schreibt sie aus Mailand:

“The current state of fashion, with designers enticed to houses where they may be rejected, removed and re-embraced, leaves a queasy feeling.”

Und weiter:

“By their nature artistic and fragile people, they see themselves treated like commodities, bought and dispensed with as the corporate house pleases.

There is a reason that long-serving fashion executives have been replaced in recent years by chief executive officers whose history is in ice cream, yogurt or other marketable products. With a global society hungry for luxury, distribution and supply chains are now as important for executives as a hands-on feel for products.”

Den ganzen – lesenswerten, weil irgendwie desillusionierenden – Artikel gibt es hier.

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Von: Carl Jakob Haupt