Lesetipp: Rise and fall of a tormented celebrity


Unser Lesetipp des Tages: Rise and fall of a tormented celebrity. Einen Artikel über John Galliano der BBC-Online, in dem nicht nur verurteilt, sondern auch aufgezeigt wird, wie es dazu kommen konnte, dass ein erfolgreicher Designer wie Galliano so tief fallen konnte.

In the dossier that was presented to the court in Mr Galliano’s defence, a story emerged of a celebrity tormented by fear, hate, self-indulgence and loneliness. There were plenty of people within the fashion industry who saw this tragedy unfolding. But it seemed no-one had the power to stop it. Out of work friends describe a humble man, who had celebrated diversity through his designs on the catwalk…More.

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Von: David Kurt Karl Roth