Lesetipp: Olivier Zahm Is Worried About the Future of Sex

Unser liebster Nackedei-Blogger Olivier Zahm vom Purple Magazine hat sich jüngst auf einer Aftershow-Party zu seinem Lieblingsthema geäußert. Er sagte dem New York Magazine, dass er besorgt über die Zukunft des Sex’ sei.

Zahm sagte:

“The future of sex is in danger. Sex is more and more problematic these days — in Eastern countries, because of the religion, and in the Western countries, because of capitalism. Capitalism makes sex as a product and as a virtual reality. So people are more and more obsessed by sex, but they have less and less sex. Did you see Shame? It’s all about that: permanent sexual obsession, because you don’t have access to the reality of sex anymore. You’re more and more living in a virtual environment of sexuality, which makes a real sexual interaction and erotic interaction difficult with people. Because we believe sex is just pleasure. And then people consume sex like they consume product. We are not product. We are more complex than that, and so we are more and more lost into a sexual obsession.”

Warum Olli, den wir gestern Nacht übrigens nicht (!) im Londoner Club Le Baron getroffen haben (obwohl der Laden seinem Intimus André Saraiva gehört), sich selbst als Teil des Problems der Übersexualisierung sieht, erfährt man im gesamten Artikel des NY-Magazines.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt