Lesetipp: In Berlin, rocking the Fashion Trade Fair

Foto: nytimes.com

In Berlin, rocking the Fashion Trade Fair”– einen schönen Erlebnisbericht über die Opening-Night der Bread&Butter gibt es online bei der New York Times nachzulesen. Redakteurin Williams hat ihre Erfahrungen zur Eröffnungsnacht der “most important urban and street fashion trade fair” nieder geschrieben. Ihr Fazit: a uniquely Berlin experience.

THE vast airfield was throbbing with heavy-metal music and done up like a post-apocalyptic scene out of “Mad Max.” Thousands of stylized Berliners flooded the area, bouncing between vintage Airstreams selling cocktails and art installations: tusk-like sculptures that formed an enormous ring, glowing car-size orbs, an eccentric band of pilots in top hats riding motorized sculptures that looked like giant wind-up tin toys.

At one point, in the shadow of a formidable but antiquated airport terminal, a gang dressed like 1950s greasers started swinging baseball bats at rusty cars. Onlookers joined the orchestrated riot, tipping over one of the cars. Closer to the arena-size stage, a group of young women in skintight neon outfits, with matching makeup and hair extensions, posed and flirted with the crowd. They could have been hired actors or guests playing with fashion’s edges.

A person stumbling into this spectacle worthy of Burning Man could easily mistake it for an artsy free-for-all in Berlin, a city that gave birth to the Love Parade, a world famous electronic dance music festival, and which celebrates over a hundred other arts festivals a year. But a trade show? Nein!….Weiter.

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