Kanye West hat jetzt einen Doktortitel und lästert über NIKE

Gestern hat der Rapper Kanye West an der “School of the Art Institute of Chicago” einen Ehrendoktortitel verliehen bekommen und es sich natürlich nicht nehmen lassen, den Anlass für eine markige Rede zu nutzen. Toll!

Der spannendste Part seiner Rede, die man bei den Kollegen von COMPLEX in Gänze lesen kann, ist der, in dem Dr. West von seinem Wechsel von NIKE zu ADIDAS berichtet. West sagt:

“I remember at that time, I was going through leaving Nike and going to adidas, and I was also dealing with trying to get a deal with a luxury house. Because I wanted to paint, but I wanted to paint with usable art. Sculptures equals clothing. Clothing is a form of usable art. And I would look at that lamp that was made of rocks and cement, but the shape was so beautiful, and it wasn’t even made of marble.

So when it was time to do the adidas collection, and I left Nike because they refused to give me a percentage because I was not an athlete—I don’t have a NDA that says I can’t say this even though it seems wrong to say out loud—I left Nike because they refused to give me a percentage, they also offered me $4 million a year to stay, which is an unknown thing (…)

And I still left them, because they weren’t giving me the opportunity to grow. They were working off an old business model, and Phil Knight was somewhere on an island. And then, Mark Parker would go and find people who I collaborated with years before, and try to do collaborations with them to seem cool, and as you see, Nike hasn’t done like, one cool thing this year.”

Das ist natürlich höchst spannend, dass NIKE ihm 4 Millionen Dollar pro Jahr geboten hat. Und dass Kanye findet, dass NIKE in diesem Jahr noch überhaupt gar nichts cooles rausgebracht hat.

Gerüchten zufolge hat ADIDAS 10 Millionen Dollar für Dr. West gezahlt. Für soviel mehr Geld, würden wir auch ALLES von NIKE plötzlich sau-uncool finden.

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Von: Carl Jakob Haupt