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Quote of the Day: “You Can Buy Style” (Nicola Formichetti)

You can’t buy style? That’s what you think!

Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director of French fashion label MUGLER says, you can.

In an interview with Another-Mag the Italian, who has become world-famous as Lady Gaga’s stylist, says:

“Style is something you can buy now. Style has replaced elegance. Before, I believed that style is something a person embodied. But now it’s so easy to buy good style if you have the money. In five to ten years, art and fashion will be mental. Style is not just something you have, you can research it, and make it your own.”

Where exactly you can buy style, Formichetti doesn’t reveal unfortunately. Maybe at MUGLER. Maybe not, though.

Von: Jakob




Hood By Air x Forfex – Boots // Pre-Spring 2015

The New York-based in-label HOOD BY AIR has designed a boot in cooperation for FORFEX, which is supposed to be released on the market with the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

What we see is a perverse mix of TIMBERLAND-boots, NIKE “Huarache”-sneakers and NIKE ‘Air Yeezy’. People with less shoe-knowledge probably see an ugly orthopaedic shoe in hospital-grey. We think that both isn’t very cool.

Our quick conclusion: beautiful is something else and fat soles have already been hipper.

A shame HBA, that: did not work out.

Von: Julian