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Bitch Fight Part II: CATHY HORYN (New York Times) vs. HEDI SLIMANE (Saint Laurent Paris)


We reported yesterday, that New York Times fashion journalist Cathy Horyn had posted quite the condescending article on her blog about not having been invited to the Saint Laurent show, which she didn’t exactly praise in her blog post either.

 Apparently Slimane also read the article and subsequently got very angry. At least that’s what you’d think.

On his Twitter the designer fired back, insulting her and announcing that Horyn will never receive an invitation to a Saint Laurent show again. Instead she would probably secure even two seats at Dior. A statement delicate on two levels, as Raf Simmons the new designer at Dior is said to be Slimane’s direct comptetitor.

We really hope Raf will join the bitch fight now, because you know, when has the fashion industry been this interesting? Bravo! Keep it up!

Von: Jakob




Massive Autumn-Shoes, despite poor Fellow-Runners: RED WING

Alright, it is enough by now: this autumn, the crawling cold and also the wet feet.

From now on I am wearing boots. Call me whatever you want. If you insist also a Prenzlauer Berg-hiker.

Starting today, I am putting my feet in the warm-feet-classic RED WING, so that I will stop freezing. One would know this shoes mainly by seeing them on advertisement-agency owners from Hamburg wearing them during weekend-autumn-walks with their big dogs while resting on Sylt or on edgy Düsseldorf- inhabitants, who also enjoy wearing ‘Designer-Jeans‘ and half-long hair. I am neither of those two things, and I do not want to become either.

But them and me, we are connected now: by having warm, dry feet. And that is worth it! For real. It is enough.

Von: Julian







ADIDAS x BARBOUR Country Jacket