ZEBRA KATZ is going to rock the Dandy Diary x Facehunter Copenhagen Fashion Week Party

We are very excited about our live-act at the Dandy Diary x Facehunter Copenhagen Fashion Week Party:


The U.S.-rapper, who’s name actually is Ojay Morgan, has already landed in the glory land – Denmark. ZEBRA KATZ’s break-through came with Rick Owens.

The ‘prince of darkness’ played KATZ’s song ‘IMA READ’ during his AW 2012 show. Morgan, who owned his money working for a catering-company at that moment, became a freaking rockstar within 11 minutes. Dazed & Confused flew ZEBRA KATZ to Paris, so that he could personally meet his ‘Gönner’, Rick Owens.

ZEBRA KATZ is not the first artist, who owes his break-through to the fashion-industry. ‘212’ by Azazealia Banks was – ten months before it reached mainstream – played by Alexander Wang during one of his fashion-shows, to name another example.

That the artistic persona ZEBRA KATZ arose threw fashion, is more than fitting. Because fashion played an important role in Morgan’s life. He calls his style ‘vintage blipster couture’. A mix of high-fashion and one-dollar items. He probably enherited his passion passion for fashion from his mother. She used to work as a sewer.

During the London Collections: Men we joined the video-premiere of ALEX MATTSSONs new fashion film. The soundtrack was contributed by – of course – ZEBRA KATZ : ‘LST CTRL’. The shit is similar to ‘IMA READ’.

This way to the see-worthy cooperation with ALEX MATTSSON. And here to the wildest party during Copenhagen fashion week:

HARVEY – Thursday, the 30th of January

Kødboderne 5, 1714 Copenhagen


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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