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Wrong Magazine: a Fabulous Photo Spread

Via FuckingYoung we’ve discovered a photo spread by Anne Galan which she shot for Wrong Magazine. A fabulous work.

Model Sam Lin Barcelonian avantgarde: Manuel Bolaño, Victor von Schwarz, Ixone Elzo, El Colmillo de Morsa and Selim de Somavilla. A wild but harmonious mix of large patterns, dégradé and high-waisted trousers: 

Photos: Anne Galan

Von: David




HUGO BOSS is the new Partner of the Mercedes Formula 1 Team

Even that the racing-trend is still very in, and one could hardly do anything wrong by showing up at a party with a proper formula-1-racing-overall, there are a few occasions, where you have have to wear a smoking. If u win an Oscar or the Nobel-prize, for instance. Or if u have a new sponsor.

That is also the reason, why the formula-1 champions Lewis Hamilton and vice-champion Nico Rosberg have changed their racing clothes for some more delicate twines. From the season of 2015 on, HUGO BOSS is going to be the new partner of their racing team MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS.

We think: both of them look tiptop. Also, or especially, because of the awesome earrings, which Hamilton is wearing, very nonchalant, with his smoking. Very classy.

Von: Julian




Lumbersexuality – simply fat, old Hipster!

After metrosexuality and spornosexuality, is it lumbersexuality going to be in?

Media as The GuardianThe Daily Beast and Buzzfeed presented ‘lumbersexual’ as the ‘next big thing’. Men with enormous beards and bellies in lumber-shirts, in work-boots, with wool-beanies on their heads and a freshly tapped beer in their hand.

But is that really the new trend? Men, who combine checked patterns with checked patterns, and who look like they have chucked some trees in the wood. No, not really. The look has been existing in the gay-scene for years (‘bears’ or ‘cubs’).

Plus we already know about the core-elements of the look (beard, lumber-shirt) from the hipster-scene. The picture (view the photo), which was used to express lumber-sexuality in a photo, has also been used to present the usual example of a hipster to their readers.

The hipster already was an anti-movement to the metro. The man became a man again. Sun-studios, picked eye-browes or shaved chests – all in all a no-go for the hipster. ‘Lumbersexuality’ is therefore no new anti-movement to metrosexuality, as it is celebrated in the media, but simply a continuation of the hipster-movement.

Therefore an old, fat hipster, who is drinking beer the whole day and who is just to distinguish by experts of ‘gay bears’. Therefore: no ‘next big thing’!

Von: Julian




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