Worth Reading: Werk VI


WERK VI is the magazine of this year’s graduates of AMD Akademie Mode & Design Berlin. The fashion school where i learned my fashion skills. Werk IV appears yearly to a mono topic. 

The topic of Issue 2012 is Naturally Beautiful. One attempts to approach the theme of the sustainability in a new way and manner:

We are a generation to which eco-fashion is becoming normal, like a nose job to plastic surgeon. Of course it is contradictory – those who write “Sustainability” on their banner, can not simultaneously rely on artificial beauty, can they?

Six designers are presented, who are for ethical and proper production of fashion, including Esther Perbandt and Isabell de Hillerin. The Munich-based model agency boss Louise Minckwitz talks about changing ideals of beauty, football players as commercial stars and size zero.

Personal highlight of WERKVI is a portrait of Miguel Adrover. He’s a pioneer in the field of sustainability. The story of the Spanish designer is dramatic. Absolutely worth reading.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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