Worth Reading: The Return of the Logo Culture

There seems to be no other trend, that we reported so much about during the last two years, than the logo-trend. Currently you can read an article in the New York Times, in which the come-back of the logo-culture is detailedly discussed. 

The Return of the Logo Culture reports about Heron Preston, who rocked New York City last Summer with his NASCAR Shirts. Humbert Leon from KENZO is getting a word. KENZO belongs to one of the labels, which discovered the trend early, in comparison to others. And VFiles founder Julia Anne Quay is talking about identification threw brands.

In the 90ies, it was mostly logos from established fashion design labels, which one could wear truly proud, free of any irony, on ones chest. T-shirts by Calvin Klein, Cavalli and Hugo Boss were en vogue. Nowadays it is more the young labels with a touch of avant-garde, like HBA and KTZ, which are pushing the logo-trend.

It is also interesting, what Heron Preston or Wil Fry are doing. They are not simply printing brand logos on t-shirts, instead they are openly using other brand-logos, turning the logos and create an surface-covering fusion. Not a simple 90ies copy, no, an original version of the logo-trend.

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Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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