WOOD WOOD opens Flagship-Store in Moscow

We have never been to Moscow. Which is a pity, since the russian capital is known for being one of the wildest cities in the world. 

Moscow is also known for being pretty bad when it comes to outfits – at least we think that, without having been there. Even though many boys wear the hyped Eurotrash-Look including gold necklace over a sweater combined with sweat pants. But they probably are still going to wear the same stuff when the hype is over. On the other hand we’ll find shiny jewellery, fur and greasy hair  – the Rich Kid-Look. A Hype too, but only if you act the other way around. 

But all that could change soon, because WOOD WOOD, probably Denmarks best known Streetwear-Brand, is opening a Flagship-Store in Moscow on September 20. Next to Shops in Denmark, Germany and Austria, Russia will be the fourth country in which WOOD WOOD is expanding. Congratulations! 

Here is the adress of the shop in Moscow: 

15, building 1
Tsvetnoy boulevard, Moscow, 127051

The official Opening-Party is taking place at Solyanka Nightclub on September 27. 

For a night out in Moscow we recommend (without having been there) these three rules: (1) Take Security-Guards with you, (2) drink oil before you go out, (3) never flirt with the wife of a Russian. 

Image: highsnobiety.com

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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