Winter Warriors: HOOD BY AIR – Christmas Collection 2013

The latest collection by the New York-based super-label HOOD BY AIR, carrying the actually pretty stupid name ‘Black X-Mas’, would be called a ‘holiday-season’-collection, politically correct, in-spite we want to call it a traditional christmas-collection. 

The mini-collection is mainly traditionally christmassy, because it is mainly white – although the look of HOOD BY AIR is usually pretty black. Therefore the name ‘Black X-mas’ seems not that bananas and nearly okay. 

More important than names are the clothes – and they are typically HBA: awesome!

What we see is: sleeve-printed long-sleeves, white trousers with black varnish prints, short pants above long pants and massive contrast-squares in black and white, on repeat. All in all the classic HOOD BY AIR-arsenal with minimalistic changes. Not really new, still dam’n kool.

Since last friday, this collection is available only in ‘Juice’-stores in Asia. What a shame!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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