Winter Boots Wish: CASH CA x TRICKER’s – 2012 Fall/Winter – Derby Boots

Winter is coming. Inevitably.

The other day in our Berlin gallery one of my toes almost froze and fell off, and today in Hamburg I stepped into three knee-deep puddles (toe attached!). Slowly but surely it’s time to say goodbye to the athletic sneakers that are currently trending so much (New Balance, Nike, Asics, Kangaroos, etc.).

Winter calls for a winter boot – and in that department the brand new, insanely stylish and seemingly robust “Derby Boot” must be recommended. It emerged from a collaboration between fashion label CASH CA and shoemakers TRICKER’S.

There is a glaring downside though. The pair of boots costs $1,030 USD, i.e. around €800. I’ll probably go ahead and cross the boots off my own Santa wish list. My performance for the year in the “good deeds” category wasn’t all that impressive, you see. Instead of the boots I am anticipating the Grinch’s punishment, as always. As long as he doesn’t go for my deep frosted toe, it’ll be all good though.

The shoes are available at the Hypebeast-Online-Shop.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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