Wine and VINE in Copenhagen

Please forgive us for posting some of the less-interesting fashion crap today. As always we do have an excellent excuse though:

We’re currently in Copenhagen. The city is super modern and ahead in everything we know – that is in style, music, liquor and also social media. So, since everyone here (!) is using the awesome new video app VINE, we wanted to the same.

As you all know, no world play is too stupid for us, so to stick to that mantra we recorded two VINE-wine videos.

Right now we’re in our hotel, and are shit-scared of the maids that must be coming soon to kick us out of our room – and we have a killer headache from all the wine (and the brief brawl in the meatpacking district when we got thrown out of the gay club out in the street).

P.S.: to always be up do date with regards to VINE, we recommend following our TWITTER channel – that’s where we post all that video fun.



Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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