Who is rocco – and where is rocco?

We all know this : today a big shot and tomorrow gone with the wind.

This is what happened to rocco. From the 1960s to the 1990s rocco was basically everywhere: in Hollywood, in the white house, at hip festivals. rocco was the coolest cat out of all of them, a true hero.

Since he disappeared a yellow circle is standing for the past adventures of this – more or less – rockstar, who will – we are going to take a second here to look into the future – be more present to all of us for sure. Most likely rocco has spent the past decades in a shiny villa, has grown a huge beard and had parties with champagne, chicks and chi-chi. This is how we would have done it if we were rocco

We are super excited to find out what rocco is and where rocco is – and going to look for it the following weeks via Instagram: #whereisroco

Of course we won’t tell more now. Otherwise the excitement goes away, clear case. Let the hunting galore begin!

Whoever wants to give us an advice about roccos existence : please do! We are going to research in every famous and notorious villa around and in Berlin after the yellow circle – and the wild fête of rocco.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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