WERK VI: “AUFSTAND DER DANDYS” (Riot of the Dandys)


In Werk VI – the fashion- and lifestyle magazine of the Academy for Fashion and Design they dealt with our ambitious career in music in their current issue.

The AMD graduates have made an impressive photo collage out of our “My Girl” video and asked us a few questions about music & fashion. Jakob talks about his first sexy piano teacher who he obviously had a crush on. I report on my first baby steps within music that I made not too long ago in the apartment of a singing instructor in Berlin.

Also, Werk VI features a portrait on Rolf Ede, who stopped by for a glass of champagne with his female entourage at our Dandy Diary POOL PARTY. Then there is a report on a heavy metal cruise, and a story about the clown-faced, white trash sub culture Juggalos:


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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