Weekstagram #9


Since our Instagram channel is most likely the least followed in the universe counting only 13 visitors and because we usually post blurry pictures at social-media untypical times (4:30 am in the club), we have finally listened to several of our business consultants: We’re posting the most important mobile phone snapshots of the week in regular irregularity on our blog. Not without protest.

Anyway. I was in Paris until last night und saw the following:

1.)   The Arc de Triomphe from my hotel room balcony. Being in the Interconti Hotel – i.e. a stone’s throw away from club Le Baron – wasn’t always an advantage.

2.)   Myself in the mirror brushing teeth at club “La Silencio” which is run by David Lynch in Paris. After all, I was in Paris to kiss again – having shiny teeth is a prerequisite.

3.)   Two almost homeless friends from Berlin who presented me with a welcome breakfast at Jardin Tuleries and who later were pouring out homeopathic champagne (hottest shit in Paris currently) by the gallon at the Clubsandwich Party.

4.)   A street sign in St. Germain.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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