WANTED: Become TOPMAN in Munich

Since our two Topmen in Hamburg and Berlin are doing such an extraordinarily good job and have even assimilated well with the bloggers on the Topman facebook page in the meantime (here is a prime example), we are now, in collaboration with TOPMAN, looking for a third – well – Top Man.


So in case you think you were practically born to ascend to the level of Topmen and you are game for going wild, get us the occasional coffee, frequently give us a foot massage, and of course blog on the Topman facebook page you should hurry up and apply: www.de.topman.com/suchtdich

Together with our friends from TOPMAN London we will be picking a suitable TOPMAN for Munich.

Find below the prerequisites:

– you live in Munich
– you are a man (or planning to become one within the next couple of days)
– you are crazy interested in fashion
– you write on a decent to very proficient level
– you have a facebook account
– you are not a bitch (we’ve got two of those already)
– you are a huge, no, THE ultimate Dandy Diary fan

 Success to all you Topmen!

P.S.: It’s of course paid work. Plus, you’ll get clothes. Obviously.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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