Visionary: “HOPE” 2011 Collection by ISAACYAMANU

Sometimes it needs a little time to recognize how visionary the work of some designers is. The HOPE 2011 collection by ISAACYMANU belongs to this category. Visionary, not acclaimed enough, so we’re doing that now.

The Spanish designer duo, which was hyped substantially years later with their galactic sweatshirts, was genius already in 2011. In their HOPE collection they were showing underwear with logo writing – even before British favorites such as NASIR MAZHAR or ALEX MATTSON.

The designed – before the hype – bomber jackets with XTC patches. They also had t-shirts with numbers on the back, just like we know them from football, or from the GIVENCHY PRE-FALL 2013 Collection (PERVERT 17). And ISAACYMANU had weapons printed on the designs.

The idea was to show weapons and drugs that are publicly depicted negatively – in a different – aesthetic context. Visionary by the visionaries.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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