Video: SUITSUPPLY Store Opening Hamburg

Last Thursday our friends from SUITSUPPLY invited for the opening of their new and first store in Hamburg. And as is custom at friends’ parties you get to bring a few friends of your own.

We did that and turned the 650 square meter store quickly into a champagne-soaked party filled with nice and good-looking people.

We had lots of fun and of course purchases a few suits each right away that we had tailored then and there. Finally we will also be looking decent.

After the store opening we also had a wild, dark, abyss-like, ridiculously funny after show party. The photos will have to be stored in our private archives and kept from the public for eternity. It’s a precaution for our and your safety.

At least the suit fit well.

Bleichenbrücke 10

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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