VICE Take Over British Fashion Magazine i-D

The holding of the world’s biggest pubescent magazine, VICE, bought the British i-D Magazine and is thus entering the massively growing fashion market.

The monthly published i-D Magazine is known for having the right eye of the each issue’s cover model – the Brits have consequently pulled this through without making exceptions so far. In the world of fashion the magazine is an established and widely known player.

VICE president Andrew Creighton said about the purchase to the New York Times:

 “Our readers were fashionable, but we (das VICE-Magazine) weren’t a fashion magazine per se. There’s a huge opportunity there to create a huge and robust platform for fashion and creativity.”

Furthermore, Creighton announced to be wanting to purchase additional established brands and manage their transition into the digital world:

 “The key for us is to find brand and content companies that we really respect, but haven’t really transitioned into the digital marketplace.”

We’re excited to see how the new owner will affect i-D Magazine, which we have a lot of appreciation for.  VICE meanwhile has announced to keep the 20 employees of the magazine and to potentially even add new editors.

For now though this announcement is merely a good enough reason for us to feature super-hot Victoria Beckham on our blog. After all, she too has previously been a cover model for i-D Magazine.

We love her, very much.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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