V Magazine: Buff Girls Looking Like Buff Guys

After male model Andrej Pejic was allowed to wear wedding dresses and an array of beautiful evening gowns – looking more female and sexy as quite a few of his female colleagues at it – it’s about time that the tides turn now. V MAGAZINE is pulling through in their upcoming issue with the title “Girl Power”.

The influential photographer Nick Knight produced a series with women in men’s clothing for it. What’s interesting about it, and that’s also why it’s worth mentioning, is that the models don’t look dressed up, they look like guys. V MAGAZINE is showing with the series that the borders between the sexes are at least visually blurred.

We’re going to quickly sign up at the gym now to be able to keep up with all this gender-bending body cult.

Images: V Magazine

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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