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What’s the crack!?!?!

Before fashion week started in Berlin, and all it’s  exhausting parties, I went to New York City. For our favourite sport-shoe-designer NIKE. There, the launch of the brand-new KD 7 was celebrated.

On the last day of my US-trip I had a little spare time, and decided to have a stroll through the trend-district Bushwick. I was wearing a falling-apart straw-hat. Also known as circular saw.

With that a dark-blue twin-set by G-STARAdidas x Opening Ceremony shoes and a necklace, out of a chair leg (!!!), which I found in a second-hand store in Tokyo.

The pictures of me and my new Bushwick buddies were taken by Mr. Michael Moser. A photographer who lives in New York, and who’s international break-through, we are very sure, is soon to come.

This way, to see the first series, which we produced together in New York.

Von: Julian



For Sale: PRADA Front-Row Tickets for 95.000 Pounds

You can buy (nearly) everything with money. For example prostitutes, who reach you grapes (artist Jörg Immendorff). Or two white tigers (president of Belarus Alexander Lukaschenko)

It is new, that one can buy front-row tickets for luxurious brands like PRADA, FENDI, GIORGIO ARMANI or FENDI. Until now the front-row seats only have been given to rockstars, starving editors-in-chief of high-end magazines and buyers of luxury-houses.

But now the times are over, in which Anne Wintour and her fat-ass, tunica-wearing colleague André Leon Talley only found people like themselves next to them. Because at the Watermill Center’s Summer Benefit auction, one can purchase two front-row ticket ‘packages’ for 95.000 pounds each.

In the first package, three fashion shows are included, for example Prada, as backstage access at FENDI. The second option is – amongst others – front-row tickets for the, frequently visited by celebrities, MIU MIU show in Paris.

This is how the, without questioning, hot PRADA show is praised on the website of the auction:

The best thing about fashion shows are the invites. The Prada ticket in particular is often a work of art in itself which gives a vital clue to the new collection. Or not. Either way the receipt of which, in its perspex/foam/weirdly textured envelope, is enough to excite even the most perma-bored fashion editor. That with your name on and Row 1 is what every every fashion fan’s mantlepiece craves.

Go ask mum or dad, if they can spare 95.000 pounds, so that you can represent as the big guy you are, at the next PRADA show. They will understand.

We are already excited, which oligarch and his silicone-titty wearing wife, is going to take a seat next to Tim Blanks, Suzy Menkes and co. in september at the front-row of PRADA

Von: Julian




Next Level Yeezus






A few weeks ago - one recognises easily because of my much darker, much loner and much more felted hair - we had a wild shooting with the photographer Marlen Stahlhuth and her team, in the most beautiful clothes from Herzogaurenach. Of course we wore nothing but ADIDAS (and as mentioned, felted hair).

The complete photo-series is going to be released in August in the ADIDAS ORIGINALS magazine – and we are already excited, to see what we look like. For sure verrrryyy sporty.

For the moment, you (and us! and us!) will have to be pleased with the so-called (ugh!) ‘behind the scenes’-pictures. But maybe that is enough for a quick Five-against-Willy.


Our Shirt Reaches Kasachstan

The UN-MEANT RALLY TEAM is on the way to Mongolia. Since a couple of days they’ve been in Kazakhstan. On board of their colorful vehicle is the SIGNUM X DANDY DIARY shirt.

The Kazakh Nameid’s wearing the shirt with pride. He speaks no English, which made a conversation impossible, according to Mattia and Sophie from UN-MEANT RALLY TEAM.

Photo: Mattia Bernini

Von: David