UNIQLO Pop Up Store Event / Warm-Up Party

Germans can start practicing how to pronounce UNIQLO. The japanese fashion chain-store, which for Germans would be pronounced ‘Juni-Clou’, is planning to open a 2500 square-meters big flag-ship store in Berlin, in the beginning of 2014.

To shorten the waiting time for UNIQLO fans, there is going to be a Uniqlo pop up store during Berlin fashion week. The warm-up party is going to take place on monday, 13th january, from 8pm-11pm. Before coming to the DANDY DIARY FASHION WEEK OPENING PARTY, you can stop by for a drink at the UNIQLO pop up store.

We are the hosts of the launch. Which means: we are going to be there and shake hands, wave kisses, take selfies, pose in ultra light Uniqlo wests for the press and stare at MADEMOISELLE YULIA during her DJ-set. 

After many many phone-calls, e-mails, a box of candies and a bouquet, we could convince the Japanese avant-garde queen to come to Berlin, to first play at UNIQLO and later at the DANDY DIARY FASHION WEEK PARTY.

You can purchase Uniqlo down jackets – and wests – the iconic pieces of the Japanese brand . The store is going to be open until the 8th february , monday until saturday from 11am until 8pm.

Again the key-facts for the, here:

UNIQLO WARM-UP PARTY (by invitation only)

13.01.2014 – 20:00  – 13:00 

Location: Horzon’s Spülen Paradies, 

Torstr. 94, 10119 Berlin-Mitte


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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