Tumblr-Tip: The Real Face Of Berlin Blogging

For those of you wanting to spice up their regular Monday depression, we recommend the following Tumblr: The Real Face of Berlin Blogging.

The creator is obviously quite the funny guy with an Instagram flatrate and a particular analytical fascination for German fashion blogs. Its high amount of reference dropping possibly only makes it entertaining for the most attentive fashion blog readers – all the more for those though.

We’re already excited to see how David will be mocked and are taking the precaution of laughing already now.

P.S.: I would like to decline the allegation of me suffering from a testosterone overdose at this point. That’s obviously complete and utter nonsense.

(via Anna Eimerl)

EDIT: Psychic abilities are in the air today. The tumblr operator apparently foresaw our article about him or her (maybe he/ she also just read our article, but that’s unlikely) and now posted a photo of David with the description “The real John Galliano”.

We, in turn anticipated David’s being mocked in the immediate future and then being compared to John Galliano, so David went to get a hair cut right on time. Now, but only now, it’s fair to say that just like the testosterone comment this one is total nonsense as well.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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