Above you can see Cedric Jacquemyn. He is a fashion designer whose dark, romantic designs are being sold in the avant-garde paradise Darklands in Berlin. Cedric himself lives in Antwerp where we visited him in his studios. A video interview will be following soon.

Jacquemyn wasn’t the only reason for our trip to Antwerp though, it was more a fairly important anniversary.

The Fashion Department of the famous and acclaimed academy of arts was celebrating their 50th anniversary. We think that’s brilliant which is why we hopped on a plane to celebrate with them, and, also fairly important, visit the “Happy Birthday Dear Academy” exhibition.

There you can find highlights of the last 50 years of fashion in Antwerp. Featuring: of course the Antwerp Six, and the early works of the phantom – Martin Margiela. We can’t wait!

Image: Arturo Martinez Steele

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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