Trend: blue Camouflage

The camouflage trend is still not dead – but lately it turned blue.

Who wants to wear camouflage, therefore should exclusively do it in the trend-colour blue, which the always-elevated style-expert from the ZEIT, Tillmann Prüfer, wrote about:

‘Different from red, yellow and green, blue-tones are also wearable by people, who don’t have a tanned skin-tone yet. And isn’t everything that brings us joy during the warm seasons of the year, blue? The sky, the sea, the ocean, the hyacinths? Now there is a chance that one lives in a city like Berlin, where the sky, the sea and even the hyacinths never have really been blue. In this case a piece of clothing, that reminds us how wonderfully blue everything could be, is very useful.’

Beautiful examples for blue camouflage are delivered by STASH and ACNE STUDIOS, less beautiful ones by UNIFORM EXPERIMENT.

Therefore: let’s go! Let’s turn blue!

Stash x Lafayette 2014 Capsule Collection

Acne Studios FW 2014

Uniform Experiment SS 2014

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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