Trailer: “A Man’s Story” – A Documentary about Ozwald Boateng

It’s because of Ozwald Boateng that the classic Britsh men’s fashion doesn’t exclusively look like it’s made for going hunting   – but now also allows for some louder colors than forest green, a muddy brown, and dark red. The designer with roots in Ghana has merged the colors of Africa with the art of tailoring from Savile Row.

He already opened his first store on the world famous Golden Mile of Tailoring at an age of 28. Later he designed men’s fashion for GIVENCHY but left again in 2007. Since then he has been focusing on his perfectlfitted bespoke tailoring and his bi-annually ready-to-wear collections, which he also showed at Africa Fashion Week in Lagos.

In the years from 1998 to 2012 Ozwald Boateng was documented at work by a film crew, which also interviewed his parents and famous customers, such as Sir Richard Branson, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Gabriel Byrne, and Spike Lee. The movie “A Man’s Story” that emerged from those efforts premiered at the beginning of 2012 and can now be bought at iTunes and Amazon.

We very much recommend you to watch the movie – even though you’re running the risk of wanting to fly to London and get yourself a brightly colored, tailor-made suit afterwards.

(via Hypebeast)

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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