Dear friends,

Pack up your bikinis and speedos because the weather is fantastic and most suited for our Pool Party – the probably hottest party of the universe.

Since we’re not allowed to pad ourselves on the back all the time though, we’ll shut up for a second and just quote press instead:

“The probably most spectacular party for the start of fashion week is not held by any of the big brands but by Jakob Haupt and David Roth. Their men’s fashion blog “Dandy Diary” has already become a brand: with honest texts, shamless videos and unrestrained partys.” (FAZ vom 20. Januar 2013)

“(…) the crazy guys from the blog Dandy Diary already proved in the last seasons, that they are the hosts of the most exciting party during fashion week. This time there is no circus tent, no squad house, this time David Kurt Karl Roth, and Carl Jakob Haupt are inviting for a pool party at Köpenicker Straße 76 in Kreuzberg. Drinks will be for free for one hour starting at 10pm and fashion designer Michael Michalsky will be serving guests behind “Michis Weinbar” so it’s highly recommended showing up early to, as the Dandy Diary guys put it, start into the week with a proper hangover.” (Tagesspiegel, 1 July 2013)

What we’ll say is: The media are right. Always.
And we’ll add: See you at the pool you sexy lifeguards.

P.S. With “TK” from London (picture below) we invited the hottest new rapper of the entire music biz. Probably like a face-tattooed mix of A$AP ROCKY and BROOKE CANDY.

P.P.S.: Of course we will also perform the ultimate summer hit 2013. That’s a given.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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