#TodayIs – Party like it’s 1989. A visual homage to the person bringing down the Berlin Wall

It’s the fall of 1989. In Germany a single man was starting the revolution. Trabbis were rolling into the Promised Land. The so called wall of shame fell – yes (as the enemy says) something was happening, 24 years ago on the day.

So no one forgets who’s responsible for all this wall-coming-down-stuff we recorded a video homage – no less –  for HIM, together with our new best friends from ASOS.

Just as it should be we dressed in a mix of real 80s clothes, they would have probably liked to wear in the East as well, and new throwback 80s styles from the ASOS online shop to visually be as close to our hero as possible.  When it came to chest hair it got difficult though.

Due to legal reasons we cannot name our hero unfortunately. Those of you however, who are not completely retarded should be able to make a good guess within 10 seconds into the video – even blindfolded.

Anyway: take a look at the video, get horny with the erotic last scene (beach, sweat, muscles) and: Party like it’s 1989 (Standard!)

Pretty good style, that one. And reason enough to have a proper party. How? Party like it’s 1989!

P.S.: Don’t forget: Our photo competition is still running. You send a photo from 1989 to 1989@asos.com – of your parents, older siblings, or ideally yourself. Add a second photo where you reenact the same pose today. You still have until 6pm. Go! Go! Go!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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