To look like Jay-Z when wearing Fishing Hat – and not #normcore

Fishing-hats, or so-called ‘bucket-hats’, are currently absolutely the shit, they are: unbeatable. 

Sadly, most fishing-hats appear, if not worn by brutally hip Asians, #normcore. One looks like his own father during vacation at the lake, therefore pretty normal.

This trend towards normality, which is only decode-able by extremely informed persons with minimalistic see-able labels, may be pretty hot, but sometimes the coolcats that we all would like to be simply want to look like Jay Z. And if you still want to wear a fisher-hat, it becomes hard. Because there is one thing that Zee is not: #normcore.

The L.A.-label STAMPD has addressed the problem and is offering the most simple, and logic – and therefore best solution: a fishing-hat out of black leather. 

Service-oriented as we are, we are making an exception and are willing to share the link for ordering with no-one but you: Here. Go. Now.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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