Tim Blanks on Street Style phenomenon: “It makes monsters, it doesn’t make Gods”

In February fashion journalist Suzy Menkes sparked a discussion about the streetstyle phenomenon with her New York Times article The Circus of Fashion. The mini documentary “Take my picture”, produced by Garage Magazine, deals with the colorful hustle and bustle before the fashion shows. Here Menkes’ colleague Tim Blanks contributes his two cents.

He joins in on the “It all used to be better” elegy. He finds it amusing that bloggers photograph bloggers, thinks the street style phenomenon creates monsters, not gods.

When reading Menkes or when listening to Blanks getting upset about the current action before fashion shows it’s hard to not hear their bitterness.

You can’t shake the feeling that the seniors have a problem with fashion losing its elite status. The is a shift of power in process.

During the beginnings of the fashion blogosphere the media were still enthusiastic about the “democratization through fashion blogs”. Today where the action before the shows seems more important than the show itself (Menkes) and according to Tim Banks everyone can participate, this democratization has taken over.

The fashion system has changed dramatically. The fashion circus does not only take place in the fashion show but also outside of it. So what?

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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