This is what a 50.000,- Euro Leather-Jacket for mini-sized Dicks look like

So this is what it looks like, the CALVIN KLEIN-leather-jacket, worth 50.000,- euro (70.000,- US-dollar), 100% made out of alligator-skin, which is pretty awful – but then seems totally fancy and fashion and richbitch-like (at least this is what the sales-suckers at CK will tell you).

We think: that looks kind of lame, the jacket. And it does not even reach the maxima level of money-waisting, when you compare it to the 90.000,- dollar T-shirt by HERMÈS. CALVIN must have used lower quality crocodiles. Or the jacket was produced by his interns. 

But because we are bored and we assume that some of our readers inherited big times and have small dicks, therefore: buying advise of the day -> follow here please. 

Enjoy, you cool dazzlers! 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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