These magnetic Coat Hangers are totally future and can save you a lot of Trouble

What is super annoying? Of course, the moment when your hanger is stuck to the pole and the exquisitely ironed shirt sticks to your wool-jumper. After this, one can loose his mood for dressing up at all – and worst case scenario starts kicking and boxing his fucking closet (at least this is what a good friend told me).

So that one does not have to deal with miserable and predetermined scenes like this, two designers, Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins from FLOW DESIGN, sat down together with their brains and found an obvious solution: magnetic hangers.

We find that tiptop and pretty future and would order three-hundred hangers in black, right away – right here, we reach the little down-side of the quantum leap of clothing-storage-techniques. Three-hundred hangers for our three-hundred favourite shirts would cost us turbo-capitalistic 14.900,- dollars. Therefore we are going to pass. 

Who wants to start smaller, can order three hangers for 149,- dollars. We are going to continue fighting with our shit-closets. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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