The Subtle Difference: David Beckham Bodywear – Old Campaign vs. New Campaign

There isn’t much difference between the old (on the right) and the new (logically, on the left) David Beckham Bodywear campaign of the Swedish clothing multy H&M. One’s almost wondering, what the hell, this new campaign that looks exactly like the old one, is. That, only for as long till one notices the subtle difference that distinguishes the old campaign from the new in absolute, unbeatable transparency. 

It is:

The porn star stache!

Cool! H&M has photographed and placarded a completely new campaign only because  “Becks” looks like a leather motorcycle-cop now. And if you look attentively, you’ll see that his cock has grown, too – which is also only natural – with THE mustache!

By the way, the New York Magazine made us aware of the subtle distinction.  Thanks for that!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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