The New Commes des Fuck Down: CUNTIER

It’s a little bit like carnival. At some point, right after a brief moment of joy, every joke is predictable and you feel less like laughing, and more like puking due to the lack of the protagonists’ creativity.

It’s currently the same in fashion – with all the funny letter shuffling of brand names.

It all started with the huge success of the Commes des Fuck Down line by SSUR that made its way from New York all the way into every single village bar. And now the pullover is at the bottom of our closets.

Nest came the “Homies” shirts in reminiscence of HERMÈS, and the “Celine Dion” shirts inspired by CÉLINE. At some point it just wasn’t funny anymore: Only stupid. Especially the last dumb joke: “Ain’t Laurent without Yves”. No shit. As if we didn’t know that already.

But then, enter: Cara Delevigne. The super hip, highly erotic (Dandy Diary sexiness score: Ero 1000) super model had her photo taken in a ‘Cuntier’ hat. Cuntier, funny. Haha! – totally stupid.

Then again. Wait a minute!

Let’s remember: It wasn’t just the Commes des Fuck Down tagline that was hilarious and innovative and awesome and brought SSUR the biggest sales since the company had been founded. Taking the piss out of brands was done significantly earlier than that. (e.g. Adidas – Adihash in the 1990s). It was the up-and coming rap star A$AP Rocky who wore the brands hats and hence made it cool. A year ago A$AP was the coolest guy on earth after all.

In this very spring of 2013, that is definitely Cara, that beautiful beautiful girl.

So the question isn’t so much whether Cuntier is the new Commes des Fuck Down, but rather:

“Is Cara Delevigne the new A$AP Rocky?”

We’ll go ahead and say: Yes!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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