The Logotrend going all absurd: ROBERTO PIQUERAS for FUCKINGYOUNG

ROBERTO PIQUERAS produced a photo-series with ‘total looks’ from his AW 2014 collection, for FUCKINGYOUNG.

The spanish ‘cutting-edge-designer’ is humorously – like Heron Preston and Will Fry – working with the current logo-trend. He prints well-known logos – like SEGA, NINTENDO and MICROSOFT – on sweaters, shirts and T-shirts.

Threw the duplication and combination of different logos, the copy becomes an original. Once the brand-logo was a ‘No-Go’, it is now a beloved feature for avant-garde designers. Also remarkable: the accessories.

Fashion-designer PIQUERAS styled his 2014 AW collection in the photo-series ‘high logo class’ with fake Louis Vuitton bags. A styling that reminds of our c’est cool: Gucci Caps – fake or original – whatever .

Photo & Styling: Roberto Piqueras

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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