The Handover

True fans of Dandy Diary still know Petr Matejcek. A great writer and thinker, whose article on Dandy Diary provided big fun for quite a while.

But the Czech, in whose womb genius and madness mate, decided against Dandy Diary for Nuntita Bell, a thai ladyboy. The contact broke off.

His most legendary article on Dandy Diary is an interview with Sven Marquardt, the most feared man in Berlin, doorman of the historic BerghainKarin Bohrmann made a real masterpiece on the occasion of the interview:

Her painting was long considered lost. But a few days ago I received a package from Thailand. From: Petr Matcejek. 90 M, Nongprue, Pattaya. Content: an image. I did what needed to be done:

I handed the portrait over to the Karl Lagerfeld of hell.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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