THE GUARDIAN chooses Jürgen Klopp as one of the ten best dressed People 2013

The British quality-newspaper THE GUARDIAN released their list of the ten best dressed human beings of the year – and they thought about German BVB-coach Jürgen Klopp. Yes it is true: a soccer-coach. It is not that much of a surprise, since it has become a habit for most coaches, to show themselves in tailored suits on the side of the game, than in commercial suits.

An explanation, why especially Klopp – and not some lame apple-polishing and slim-fit wearing coach like Jogi Löw – is such a well-dressed guy, has been delivered by THE GUARDIAN – and it is not just the suit:

‘Manager Jürgen Klopp is 2013’s cult style reference for a particular niche: those who appreciate both fashion and football. It’s all thanks to flowing locks, statement specs and a 100-watt smile. The do is a new addition – Klopp is the Wayne Rooney of Germany: he had a hair transplant in April.’

We find it absolutely right and advise everyone to get a hair transplant and 100-watt smile, congratulations Kloppi to your ‘Best Dressed Award’.

Next to Klopp you will only find two other men in the ranking: Bobby Gillespie, singer of Primal Scream and Matt Damon in his role as a toy-boy in ‘Liberace’.

What Kloppi looked like back in the days (around 2006), when coaches were still free to wear casual trainers, was worth researching for us:

We think: Also and especially in this redneck-gangster training out-fit, Jürgen Klopp would have deserved the Top 10 nomination. Yes!


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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