The grand G-SESSIONS Finals in Berlin

Our favorite watch producer G-SHOCK have called for a European-wide creative competition named G-SESSIONS.

Design talents in Milan, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Manchester, and Berlin were able to design their own G-SHOCK and make a presentation about it. In principal it could be anything – a song, a work of art, a video, a dance, a performance – there were no limits to the imagination.

Every city has a curator where the G-SESSIONS take place, and he will select each winner. Those then meet for the finals on the 28th of November of the G-SESSIONS award in Berlin (Kraftwerk Mitte).

Fashion guru Patrick Mohr has taken on the role of creative mentor for Berlin. He was convinced (see above) by design and presentation of ESMOD student Thomas Hanisch. Being from Berlin we’ll just vote for him. You should too and can do so here.

Kikuo Ibe – inventor of the G-SHOCK – will be handing over the prize to the best upcoming talent at the European  G-SESSIONS finals.  The winning design will afterwards be produced as a limited edition.

Besides the award ceremony there will also be a live-act. We can’t tell you yet who that will be but you can expect something great since they’re also celebrating their 30-year anniversary at G-SHOCK.

See below also the first-round winners from Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, and Paris.

Imagery by G-SHOCK

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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