The Google-Glasses may be available in pretty soon

Recently I tried them, the Google-glasses, from which only 600 exemplars exist globally and actually only have been given to developers and nerds. I am unable to tell exactly, how the glasses came into my hands. What is for sure is that there was a lot of German ‘rheinhessischer’ country-wine involved – and I am a robust drinker.

Anyways: I put on that piece and played a little. All of that was really entertaining and easy – until I disappeared to the bathroom and looked into a mirror (I was afraid to look down, I could have been in a live-chat by accident). My reflection looked: like shit. 

Also that may have been caused by the amount of wine I drank, but there was also this aesthetic glasses-frame-mix between sporty, nerdy and robo-cop. With a model like that, these glasses will never make it into mainstream, I realised that immediately. I was disappointed and put them down, drank the rest of my wine and left without paying, out of rage.

But now GOOGLE has announced a cooperation with the world-wide biggest glasses-producer, LUXOTICA, to whom four-eyed imperium belong RAY BAN, OAKLEY and PERSOL. Therefore the way to the mass-market and to my buckled-boxed nose seems to be easier – even if it is hard for us to imagine a RAY BAN ‘wayfarer’ with a robo-cop clip. But somehow, we got used to everything. Also to ‘rheinhessischen’ country-wine. 

Carl Jakob Haupt Dandy Diary wearing Google Glass

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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