The Future Tourist will look like this or something like it: Roberto Piqueras Spring/Summer 2014

The silhouette of the ROBERTO PIQUERAS Spring/Summer 2014 collection – sunhat, sandals and socks, and shorts over leggings – is reminiscent of the high-tech tourist look we have celebrated here a few times already.

However Piqueras of course uses XXL digital prints, as is sort of a tradition for him. The London-based designer with Spanish roots shows Salvador Dalí photo prints, the writing “Ole”, as well as animal and flower prints.

For his new collection ROBERTO PIQUERAS also had a video produced in which, wrapped in his designs, he roams London, always captured by the CCTV cameras that you can find on every corner in the British capital.

You can find the curious video at the end of this article:

Hier das ROBERTO PIQUERAS Spring/Summer 2014 Video:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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