“The First Time” – Fashion Film Trilogie by FashionDaily.TV x Art is the Alibi

‘The First Time’ is a video project we realized for FashionDaily.TV in cooperation with Art is the Alibi.

Three women (!) are firing a gun for the first time. The viewer will merely get a slow-motion, close-up view of the woman’s face firing the weapon during the first seconds – not knowing what she is actually doing.

The action of “firing the gun” is being delibaretly set apart from the emotion the gunshot evokes from the woman so the viewer can use his/her imagination as to what is going on.

In the second part of the video the model of the weapon and the label (MONKI) of the worn blouse are being named – disturbingly both are equally important for the trilogy “The First Time”.

A special thank you goes out to the three protagonists – Hanna, Anna, and Anna – USLU AIRLINES founder, and SHUKRAN COLA inventor and weapon expert Jan Mihm, and DJ & Catering legend Quid Haden. Last bat not least we’d like to thank:

 Triebel Jagd &Sportwaffen Berlin

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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