Terror-Video: Dandy Diary – Opening Rally – Berlin Fashion Week Opening FW 2014

On monday past week, the 13th of january 2014, we sent out a message of terror to the world. We celebrated the new design of DANDY DIARY, the new harshness, the maxima of reduction to the total and last but not least the radicalness, on our very own with our DANDY DIARY fashion week opening rally. 

Meanwhile the following video of terror emerged, which should carry the holy scriptures (‘Dandy Diary’) out of Berlin and far away from this godless fashion week, into the whole world. 

Not only everybody who subordinated themselves to our strict black-white dress-code were members of our network of terror this evening, also BROOKE CANDY, JAKE THE RAPPER, MADEMOISELLE YULIA, SIR QUID HADEN and OLIVER TABILLON, who created the fitting sound for the ascetic body of the attack towards the individuality of the fashion-industry. 

Many many and thousands of thanks to our sponsors, who were categorised as somehow unfitting to DANDY DIARY by some unbelievers. According to their balls to sponsor a party like ours, they have proven to be very fitting, unlike many, many others who were asked as well and turned out to be soft-core dicks. A big fucker to the frightened brands, a big ‘Yeah!’ to our sponsors: UNIQLO, KMS CALIFORNIA, JÄGERMEISTER, WORMLAND, VELTINS, BORCO, NEW YORKER and GLACÉAU VITAMIN WATER.

The fight has just begun.

Photo: I Heart Berlin
Video: Hannah Schulze for Dandy Diary

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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