T-Shirt- and Sweater-Prints : Sleeves are the new Breasts

Dear friends, we are very sorry but we have to announce that all of your frontal-print T-shirts and sweaters are going to have to go to your local recycling dumpster (so that someday it will destroy the local textile market in Central Africa) . Because the latest shit, the hottest trend , the total fashion hammer is : the sleeve print.

All logos, slogans , letters , signs should quickly move from your chest to your arms , where they will spread out their still existing koolness . If possible the chest stays print free and gives us space to breathe, in which we are really in need of, after the flood of frontal-prints during the last years , one may just think of the KENZO-Tiger or the truly horrible Logo-fun-making , mostly of french design houses. 

We especially appreciate the sleeve design by the american label STAMPD, which did not only put its logo on the sleeve , no , they put white square on it. Fantastic, this anti-logo. Kool , kool !

Also skateboard-brands like STÜSSY and ELLI REED are offering nice sleeve-prints . Instead of walking to your local high-fashion-concept-store , you could stop by at a skater shop. There are a lot of possibilities at the moment.

Therefore , sure thing: anybody who wants to truly be a cool-cat , shows sleeves , not breasts. 





Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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